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Get the FACTS on asphalt pavement. Asphalt is one of the indispensable materials of life in America. Want proof? Think about the fact that 93 percent of the paved roads in America are surfaced with asphalt. Learn about asphalt pavement and how it can benefit you.

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Cost Effectiveness

Economics Facts

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    One of the most cost-effective ways to rehabilitate a worn-out concrete highway is to rubblize it, then overlay it with asphalt. In Arkansas, 276 miles of concrete interstates were given new life in a rubblize-and-overlay program. Read More
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    Studies have shown that on average, over a 40-year period, asphalt pavements are more economical than concrete pavements. Read More
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    Asphalt pavements are one of our greatest renewable resources Read More
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    Recycling of asphalt pavements and asphalt shingles in 2010 alone conserved 20.5 million barrels of asphalt binder. Read More
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    In just a few months, asphalt turned one of America's seven worst roads into one of the smoothest - and did it economically. Read More
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    Of the 2.27 million miles of paved roads in the US, 94% is surfaced with asphalt, including 65% of the interstate system. Read More
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    Asphalt pavement gives the best return on investment of any paving material. Read More
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    Road agencies such as state DOTs and city/county public works departments use Pavement type selection processes to identify the best pavement for a given application. Read More
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    American taxpayers save more than $2 billion per year by recycling asphalt. Read More
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    Studies in Iowa, Kansas, and Ohio showed that asphalt pavements were more economical than concrete over the study periods. Read More
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    Asphalt pavements can be built quickly, reducing traffic delays for both commuters and long-haul truckers. Read More
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    Asphalt can be constructed at night, saving commuters from costly delays. Read More
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    When asphalt pavement is reclaimed, the stone and asphalt cement in it are just as valuable as all-new materials. Read More
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    America's roads represent an asset valued at more than $2.4 trillion. Read More