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Get the FACTS on asphalt pavement. Asphalt is one of the indispensable materials of life in America. Want proof? Think about the fact that 93 percent of the paved roads in America are surfaced with asphalt. Learn about asphalt pavement and how it can benefit you.

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For more information about the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) Visit www.DriveAsphalt.org.


Engineering Facts

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    Smoother pavements extend pavement life by as much as 10% to 25%. Read More
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    A smooth pavement maximizes tire contact, providing more traction. Read More
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    The smoother the pavement, the lower a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Read More
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    Rough roads wear out tires, shocks, and other mechanical parts faster. Smooth roads save wear and tear - and $$$. Read More
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    Want to save 10% on fuel costs? Read More
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    Did you ever notice that the majority of automobile commercials are shot on asphalt? Read More
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    Asphalt has a proven track record when it comes to long life and smoothness. Read More
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    Routine maintenance is simply a matter of periodically milling (about every 15 to 20 years) the surface for recycling, followed by placement of a smooth new overlay. Read More
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    If motorists love asphalt for its smooth ride, how much more ecstatic can a bicyclist be on a superb stretch of asphalt? Read More
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    Asphalt pavements provide a smooth, quiet, skid-resistant ride surface. Read More
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    When traveling on smooth pavements, truck tires don't bounce. Read More
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    Asphalt provides a smooth ribbon of pavement without joints. No ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk. Read More
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    Resurfacing an asphalt pavement creates a road that’s smooth, durable, safe, and quiet – and just as good as new. Read More
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    Research in the U.S. and Europe shows that quiet asphalt reduces highway noise by 3 to 5 dB(A) and more. Read More
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    Smooth asphalt roads give vehicle tires superior contact with the road. Read More