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Sheldon G. Hayes Award Goes to The Shelly Company

NAPA 2102 Chairman Kurt Bechthold, Shelly Co. Vice President Larry Shively, ODOT's Joe Rutherford, and NAPA 2013 Chairman John Keating

The 2012 winner of the Sheldon G. Hayes Award, the top asphalt pavement in the country, is The Shelly Co., Southern Division, an Oldcastle Materials Co. in Thornville, Ohio. The award was presented at the National Asphalt Pavement Association's Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz.  

The Shelly Co.'s award-winning project was the milling and overlay of 11.18 miles of I 70, in Franklin County. The pavement on this four-lane interstate through central Ohio was cracked and deteriorating when the job began. On average 62,000 vehicles, 26 percent of them trucks, travel the road each day.

The Shelly Co. milled 3.25 inches from the existing roadway before laying a 19 mm asphalt base course topped by a 12.5 mm Superpave asphalt surface course. The company took the asphalt milled from the roadway back to its plant where it was incorporated into all the asphalt mixes used on the project. By reclaiming the asphalt millings, the company reduced the need for virgin aggregate and asphalt binder for the project.

Nighttime paving and a late project start date that delayed paving until cooler fall weather had arrived made the project more challenging for The Shelly Co. However, by using another green paving technology - warm-mix asphalt - the company achieved the desired pavement compaction and smoothness despite less-than-ideal temperatures. "Warm-mix asphalt allowed us a little more time and gave us a little more flexibility, letting us compact the asphalt more easily," said Larry Shively, The Shelly Co. Vice President for Quality Control. "There are also some fuel savings associated with warm-mix asphalt and, environmentally, it provides better working conditions for our employees."